steamed donuts

steamed, not fried!



We supply turn-key solutions to industrial bakeries for their production of steam-baked donuts. Our production equipment includes depositing, steaming and depanning of the final product. Upon request we also provide support in recipe development and market testing.

  • Great fresh taste
  • Soft and moist texture
  • 3 times longer shelf life
  • Steamed, not fried!
  • 50% less fat than a fried donut
  • No unhealthy formation of acrylamide = better for you !
  • Bright dough colors : no browning effect (no Maillard reaction)

  • No need to run a frying facility
  • No frying = less risk of occupational hazards (fire, burning injuries, air quality, oil build-up residues inside facility)
  • No frying = no cleaning of oil bath and burnt residues (normally 4 people 6 hours every week)
  • No frying = no cost of oil
  • Easy format and size change-over with different pans
  • Easy to clean: low in maintenance


We offer turn-key solutions for the production of steamed donuts. From 2.500 to 55.000 donuts per hour.

Large Size - SBB 2000

Automatic production

Steams 20.000-55.000 donuts per hour

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Medium Size - SBB 250

Semi-Automatic production

Steams 2.500-6.000 donuts per hour

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S&S Baking Solutions

We offer turn-key solutions to industrial bakeries for the production of steamed donuts.

We team up with Marketing, Sales, R&D, Engineering & Production teams.

We combine experience in retail, marketing & sales, engineering & process and management.

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